Terms & Conditions


Nordic Walking Northampton Terms & Conditions

These T's & C's are intended as an informed consent and guidance for using services provided by Nordic Walking Northampton.

By booking and/or paying for classes, packages or Special Offers, you agree to these Terms & Conditions stated below. For the purposes of these terms & Conditions, We, Us, Our or I refer to Nordic Walking Northampton. Client or Clients, Participant or Participants, Walker or Walkers or Urban Warriors refer to you.  Instructor refers to me as your accredited instructor.


1. Nordic Walking Northampton will provide a range of physical conditioning classes and courses to suit all levels of fitness in accordance with our current timetable.  All classes and courses will be run by an Accredited Nordic Walking Instructor.

2. Nordic Walking Northampton only has fully accredited British Nordic Walking & INWA accredited staff that are competent to instruct and lead groups.

3. Poles are supplied whilst training but then they will need to be hired or purchased to continue to walk with Nordic Walking Northampton, I offer both options.


1. You must provide us with all relevant information asked for on the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, or (PARQ) as it is also known including that which will enable us to make an assessment of your fitness needs in relation to your health and any conditions from which you might be suffering. It is also your responsibility to alert us to any prescribed medications you may be using and where necessary, to bring these along on walks to self- administer.


1. PARQ form is satisfactorily completed.

2. All clients are required to complete the Learn 2 Nordic Walk Workshop or the 2 session Learn 2 Nordic Walk Advanced Course or 1 Day FastTrack Course before being eligible to take part on regular Wellbeing, Fitness, Stamina or Endurance Walks. Any missed sessions if you do the Full Course (as there are 2 in total) will need to be completed before the next scheduled session at an extra cost of £15.00 per session to ensure you are up to date with the rest of your class/group. All sessions must be completed to gain certification.

3. The only exception to this requirement is when a client is able to demonstrate that they have already reached the required level of proficiency by producing a certificate from a different BNW Instructor or a NWUK Freedom card. If you do not have either of these you will have re-take the course.

4. You need to be between 8 and 80 years old after 80 I will require a doctor’s note to certify your fitness to join a class.


1. All classes and sessions must be pre-booked, either verbally as you walk on the same days & times each week or by telephone, text or email. Always Text me if you are booking a walk with less that 24 hours notice as walk venues may have changed. It is then your responsibility to inform me within 24 hours of the start of that walk that you cannot attend to avoid a charge being made to your Walk Card.

2. Once you have qualified you will be issued with a Walk Card that you must ensure is in Credit for a minimum of £20.00 this will be valid for 4 weeks and no refunds will be given if the credit is not used within that 4 week period. This entitles you to 4 walks of 3 miles per month (12 Miles) that ideally should be used 1 per week but if you cannot attend and you have given 24 hours’ notice you are able to take a different walk on a different day or week as long as it is used before the end of your 4 week period.

3. I have the right to cancel walks should there be less than 2 participants but this will be at my discretion


1. Current rates for walks and services are posted on my website. Walks start from £5.00 and increase by £1.00 for every extra mile over 3 miles.

2. All class or session fees must paid in full in advance of the session or you must have credit on your Walk Card to cover the walk you wish to attend. You can top up any time with cash, via PayPal or a Bank transfer.

3. If you’re making a booking for the 1st time for a Learn 2 Nordic Walk Class or walk and intending to pay in cash then please email or text me to let me know before you attend. You will be liable to pay for the walk or course should you fail to attend.


1. Booking a class or walk involves the reservation of a space specifically for you so a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required for cancelling a booking. The full cost for that booking will be charged for any sessions missed without such notification. The cost of the booking will be deducted from your walk card. Clients may be liable to have their eligibility for Walk Card renewal re-evaluated if there are repeated episodes of short notice cancellations.

2. As long as a class is cancelled within the 24 hours’ notice period, you may reschedule that session without a cancellation fee being charged.

3. The amount you place on your Walk Card is valid for 4 weeks and Nordic Walking Northampton do not offer refunds for walk cards that have expired through Walk Card credit not being used in that time.

4. I have the right to cancel walks should there be less than 2 participants but this will be at my discretion


Here at Nordic Walking Northampton we believe there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing, so we will continue to walk in most weathers. However if I decide that it is unsafe to walk, due to exceptionally high winds or lightening I will contact you to inform you if the walk will need to be cancelled. As I have cancelled for Health & Safety reasons it may be less than 24 hour’s notice but no charges will be made.


We will maintain your information however communicated, securely and in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Nordic Walking Northampton will not release any records or information it holds about you and your next of kin to any outside party unless authorized to do so by you, or unless compelled to do so by law or a valid court order.


I have an up to date British Nordic Walking Membership, Public Liability Insurance and First Aid Trained