The nordic walking poles I currently use for my Workshops & Classes

Vipole 100% carbon Adjustable poles

100% Carbon Adjustables

These poles are very 100% Carbon so they are strong and light. They have the quick lock system which is really easy to use especially in the winter when you have gloves on. They also have the accredited blade tip that really grips all surfaces really well. 

Vipole 100% Carbon Adjustables

The Blade tip is amazing on the harder ground

These poles come in lovely colours like these in Violet that have been very popular with my walkers. 

Vipole HTA  twist lock poles

The Vipole poles are also available in a HTA (High Tensile Aluminium) with a twisting locking mechanism which are a cheaper alternative or to use as a Training pole for your classes.

All available from Nordic Walking Northampton so email me today to register your interest

Price List

All poles are genuine items and bought direct from the manufacturer. and will incur postage costs