Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who can Nordic walk?
Anyone who can walk and swing their arms freely can Nordic walk! This activity is suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels from very unfit to athletes. I have classes and poles to suit 80 year old 6 footers down to 3 foot children of 8 years old, so there is something for everyone.

What shoes should I wear?

We specify that you have a good pair of walking shoes or trainers but preferably waterproof if your budget can strech to them to avoid getting wet feet if the ground is wet. You can wear boots if you need the support for your ankles but they are not the best for Nordic Walking as they don’t allow for you to roll the foot as well as walking shoes do.

What clothing should I wear? 
I would opt for 2 or 3 layers with breathable fabrics, so a t-shirt, fleece and a waterproof jacket. Nothing too bulky though as this will restrict you when you walk. Jogging bottoms, shorts or lycra leggings are all recommended over wearing jeans. A hat is also important in both hot & cold weather. Gloves can be worn but as your hands open & close over 2,200 times per mile so they will warm up very quickly so you will not wear them for long.

What should I bring? 
You should always bring a drink with you, preferably water over fizzy but all drinks are good. You will need something to carry your phone, keys and drink so hip bag or small rucksack/backpack is ideal. If you have been emailed the PARQ form you should bring the completed form to your workshop. 

Can I join one of your Nordic walking groups straight away?
Unfortunately not, you have to hold a current pass certificate from an official Nordic Walking Instructor that shows you have completed the basic Nordic Walking training before you can join us on our walks. I run regular Learn 2 Nordic Walk Beginners Workshops which is 1 session of 90 minutes. The Advanced course is split over 2 sessions these can be over 2 separate days or weeks. You can also do the Advanced course as a 4 hour Fast-Track so all in 1 day. The cost is the same for either option.

Do I need my own poles? 
No. I provide Nordic Walking poles whilst you are training but if you have your own by all means bring them. There is a small charge per walk should you wish to hire poles for walks after you are qualified.

Do you still walk if it's raining?
We sure do as there’s no such thing as bad weather just a bad choice of clothing. The only weather we would not walk in is thunder & lightening but if you’re in doubt call me on 07958 365 914 so I can let you know for definite if the walk is going ahead.

How big are the classes? 

I have different training classes to suit everyone from 1-1, Family classes, Male or Female only to 12 mixed gender and abilities in a group setting. The walks vary from a minimum of 2 to 12 participants and these are mixed ages, abilities and genders. To book your Learn 2 Nordic Walk workshop go to the Walks Page
I have some old poles in my shed, can I use them for Nordic walking? 

Bring them along by all means and let me take a look and if they are Nordic Walking poles YES you can use them but if they are trekking poles then they are not suitable for Nordic Walking, a general rule of thumb is if the straps detach from the pole they are NW poles if it’s just a loop they are not.

If I want to buy some poles where can I get them from?

I will show you a full range of poles from fixed length, adjustable, extendable and travel poles, there is also choices between (HTA) High Tensile Aluminium and Carbon and the Carbon content ranges from 20% to 100% (CI) Carbon Index, and you may test them all before you choose to purchase a pair. Nordic Walking poles are important to get right so make sure you are measured up correctly by a qualified instructor before you purchase any poles as your posture and gait may change over a few weeks so buying a fixed length pole on week 1 would not be a wise option. I am an official retailer for Exel Poles and stock Gabel and VipolVipole poles so you will have a good choice.

What walks do you have that will suit me when I have qualified?

I have a walk to suit everyone from a slow paced Wellbeing walk where we amble along at 25 to 30 min miles whist taking in all that nature wants to offer and petting all the wonderful dogs we meet along the way. Then there are the Stamina Walks that vary from 3 to 4.5 miles  at 17-22 min miles build up your stamina & fitness. Then we have Endurance walks that start at 5 miles and go up to Half Marathon distances of 13 miles and the pace will vary to suit the terrain. We also have Fitness walks that are short and faster to get the heart rate going so plenty to choose from to keep you fit and losing those lbs. All walks have varied terrains with some good hills to give you that perfect low impact all over body workout that you have been looking for. 

Can I just turn up for a walk?

No you will need to book your place on my website so I know you are attending. You can do a PAYG (Pay as you Go) system if you do not want to commit to regular walks and they start at £7.00 for a standard 3 mile walk However if you commit to doing 1 walk per week you can purchase a walk card that you pay £20.00 for and this entitles you to 4 walks of 3 miles over 28 days, so better value at £5.00 per walk. You can do longer walks if you choose but your card needs to have the relevant credit on it to do so.  You must use up your credit within the 28 days or it will expire, and no refunds are given. T’s & C’s apply