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Nordic Walking is suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes & fitness levels so now everyone really can get fit whilst having fun

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  What is Nordic Walking?
Nordic Walking uses specially designed poles to enhance your natural walking experience. With a technique that is similar to the upper body action of classic cross country skiing, Nordic Walking becomes a genuinely whole body exercise that can be enjoyed at many levels, from steady Wellbeing walks to Stamina, Endurance & more vigorous Fitness walks.

How will it benefit my body?
Nordic Walking combines the simplicity and accessibility of walking with simultaneous core and upper body conditioning. The result is a full body workout, which means that you:

  • burn up to 46% more calories compared to walking without poles
  • release tension in the neck and shoulders
  • improve your posture and gait
  • strengthen your back and abdominal muscles
  • burns the same calories as jogging but without the impact on the joints
  • you are able to walk further as you are using your whole body to move you forward

Is it for me?
Nordic Walking is a very accessible activity and something that can be shared by people of different ages, shapes, sizes & fitness levels.  It’s an ideal activity for people who haven’t exercised for a while or who dislike traditional sports or gym activities.  Community groups find it a sociable way to keep fit as it’s a great all round activity that can be by everyone so whatever your age from 8 to 80+, you’ll enjoy discovering the benefits of Nordic Walking that will improve the quality of your life immeasurably.

Nordic Walking is actually good fun and we all have such a laugh, we are one big family who all have the same goal and that is to get fit & lose weight whilst meeting new people & having fun in the great outdoors. 

Why choose Nordic Walking Northampton?


Nordic Walking Northampton is the best place to learn all aspects of Nordic Walking. I offer exceptional training and lots of regular walks at popular times throughout the day and weekends, and with 3 walk times to choose from in the week at 10am, 1.30pm and 6pm & then 9.15am at the weekends  there should be something to suit you.

When you walk with Nordic Walking Northampton you get Instructor led walks & regular drills built into the session so you are constantly improving your technique. I am insured and 1st Aid Trained. 

Best of all I have the patience of a saint and a calmness about me that will help you feel relaxed & confident in your own ability. The rest of my walkers are a good friendly bunch too who are really sociable so you will never be short of someone to chat to.  We always walk as a group & no one is ever out of my vision so you will never be left behind. All my walks are graded so there is a walk for everyone.

I was not always as fit as I am now


Nordic Walking Northampton is run by myself (Kev) who after a serious accident at the school I worked at as a Behaviour Specialist left me with 3 prolapsed discs. I was incapacitated for 2 years and taking lots of medication for the pain. I had ballooned to 27 stone so understand fully what it is like to feel miserable and unfit. I was told I may never walk again if I had the operation they were proposing and thats when I discovered and started Nordic Walking. I found it helped me so much that I trained to become an Instructor and have proved the doctors and surgeons all wrong as I never had the operation. I am now 6st lighter, off all my meds and walk over 30 miles a week, and feel amazing for it, so no EXCUSES, if I can do it so can you. 

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If you have Decided to start living a healthier lifestyle, & are Committed to getting fit message me & I will get you started on your road to Success. Nordic Walking in & around Northampton is a great way to engage 90% of your muscles & burn up to 46% more calories than walking without poles. Thats the same as jogging but without the high impact through your joints.

Remember Excuses don't burn Calories but Nordic Walking really does, so Decide, Commit & then you will truly Succeed.

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